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President Bush Supports
Public Lands Access

For 2008, Del Personally Supports John McCain

Bush-Cheney '04 Campaign Includes Access Issues

The campaign to re-elect President Bush needs your help. We want Access folks to be a significant part of getting George W. Bush back in office with Dick Cheney at his side. The President supports public lands access.

His campaign folks have created a new campaign coalition to deal with just access -- the Public Lands Access Coalition (PLAC). We hope each state will have one before too long. California has one now. You can be part of this -- you can stand up and be counted -- by being a Team Leader for the President in the PLAC, just to represent our Access interests.

This is a huge deal for recreationists and access interests. Get in the game. Be a Team Leader. Email me if you have any questions. Del

See Del with Vice President Dick Cheney


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