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Del's Army Days
US Army Special Forces, Green Berets

One thing about growing up in the Albright (Daniel) family, we believed in service to our country. Many of my uncles, cousins, and family members served in the military. My military time spanned 6 years of active duty where I lived in 16 states and 3 countries. Viet Nam and South America were two of those. Here are some images of my early days as a Green Beret (US Army Special Forces).

Del's Army Days -- medals and memories

See photos here.

Serving in the US Army Special Forces (Green Berets) was an honor for me. I started out as a private thinking I was going to be a pole lineman repair kinda guy....ended up in the Infantry. Imagine that.??? :) I joined in 1967 and hit Viet Nam in 1970. Military service was always something I wanted to do because my family is very patriotic and several of us have served in a variety of wars. I was lucky enough to get accepted to such schools/training as airborne, ranger, green beret, scuba, and para-scuba, among others.

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